How Much CBD Should I Take?

January 13, 2019

How Much CBD Should I Take

One of the most common questions we get is, “How much CBD oil should I take and what is the right dosage?” Currently, CBD does not have an official serving size as the FDA does not have a recommended daily intake. This has led to the commonly suggested use size of 1 dropper full 1-2 times per day (Curativ currently uses this on all tincture bottles and boxes). However, everyone is different and their bodies react differently to different levels of CBD, no two bodies are alike. Factors such as the strength of the CBD, body size and weight, body chemistry and what the CBD is being used to treat can all affect the amount of CBD that is right for you.

First let’s start with some good general rules when taking any supplement, including CBD:

  • Start with a small dose and a lower strength
  • Use the same dose over a few days and observe its effects
  • Make adjustments to increase or decrease the amounts and strengths
  • Watch for any side effects
  • Consult your health practitioner as needed

Tincture Strength

Not all strengths are created equal. Each dropper of Curativ's 1500mg Signature Strength tincture has three times the CBD as our 500mg Original Strength tincture. Strength is important to consider to know how much CBD you are taking. It is always important to read the label of the tincture to determine how much CBD is in each dropper to ensure proper dosing. The below table shows the approximate amount of CBD in 1 dropper full (30 drops) of Curativi tinctures. Depending on the strength you can adjust how many drops you take to reach your ideal levels.

Tincture Strength

CBD/1 Dropper Full

CBD/1 Drop

Original Strength, 500mg



Extra Strength,1000mg



 Signature Strength, 1500mg



Body size and weight

Typically, the heavier you are the more of any supplement or medication is needed to see the same effects. CBD is no different in this regard. As a starting point, we suggest the following starting guidelines (see table below) as a low and high dose for taking twice daily. The strength of the CBD oil will determine the amount you will need to take. For example, I weigh 160 lbs, so my ideal range to start would be between 15mg and 25mg twice daily. This could be accomplished by taking 1 dropper of a 500mg tincture twice a day or half a dropper of the 1000/1500mg tincture.

Weight (lbs)









Low mg CBD









High mg CBD









Body Chemistry

Using your weight and the table above as a starting point, you can start to adjust your dosage up and down as you see how the CBD affects your body. The unknown factor is your body chemistry and how it reacts with your body. If you know your body reacts strongly to medication or supplements you will want to start on the low end of the range or even slightly below the low end. Metabolism, genetics, diet, and stress levels can all affect how your body reacts to supplements and CBD. Remember, no two bodies are identical. The Curativ team takes a logical and data filled approach to whatever we are doing and we suggest using a journal (see below) to record the dosage and any notes such as effects, diet, and events going on. Recording items such as the effects of the CBD, a hard workout, a stressful day at the office, what you ate that day, alcohol intake, can help you identify items that may change how the CBD interacts with your body and as a result affect the dosage amounts that are effective for you. The effects of CBD may also level off over time and you may not see any additional benefits with increasing dosage. You may even find that increasing the strength decreases the effectiveness. This is one of the reasons Curativ carries a variety of different strengths.

Amount Morning
Amount Evening

Ailment You Are Treating

Depending on your purpose of using CBD you may need to alter the dosage to get the desired effects. For example, treating chronic pain will take less CBD than using CBD to treat epilepsy.  When using CBD for anxiety there is most likely a dosage sweet spot where increasing the dosage becomes less effective or has no additional effect. It is also important to remember that you need to build up your body to the CBD and that takes time and patience. While some people see almost instant results and relief, for others it may take a few weeks of continued use to see the desired effects.

We hope that you can use this as a good starting point in your CBD journey. Remember, there is no one universal dosage amount as everyone’s body reacts differently, but we hope that this helps get you to the starting line. Start small, experiment and be patient as you start to reap the benefits of CBD.

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