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What are Terpenes?

October 29, 2018

What are Terpenes?

terpene* noun

ter·pene | \ ˈtər-ˌpēn  \

: any of various isomeric hydrocarbons C10H16 found present in essential oils (as from conifers) and used especially as solvents and in organic synthesis


Simply put, terpenes are the essential oils found in plants and give those plants its flavor and fragrances.  For the plant, these terpenes often act as a defense mechanism by combating bacteria, fungus, insects and other stresses the natural environment throws its way. For us humans, these terpenes have added medical benefits and provide the aromas that we have come to like or dislike.

Using the whole plant in the CBD extraction process allows you to take advantage of terpenes when creating the CBD oil, as opposed to CBD Isolate which does not contain terpenes. Terpenes work hand in hand with CBD and enhance the body’s interaction with cannabinoids, this is known as the entourage effect. It’s important to note that each terpene has its own individual profile with different benefits and scents. As various terpenes and amounts are combined, they can interact differently and provide unique synergies amounting in different results. Terpenes can alter how CBD oils interact with your body and the areas of benefits can change based on the terpene profile found in the CBD oils.

Below, we have quickly summarized the 6 most common terpenes (and their attributes and benefits) found in cannabis. When looking for CBD oils, look for the terpene profiles that fit your desired result.


Common Cannabis Terpenes

Types of Terpenes

All Curativ CBD Oils are made with whole plant extract and contain naturally occurring terpenes.


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