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Learn About Curativ

A short story about who we are

Curativ is a Georgia based business founded by three friends in search of a natural way to treat the physical and emotional stressors of life. Keeping an active lifestyle has always been a goal for us. Whether it is playing soccer with the kids, joining pickup basketball games, playing in the community softball league, to running a marathon or obstacle course race, keeping active was always high on the priority list.

As work, family and father time started to take over, we discovered we were less active and had more aches and pains, leading to less quality time with family and friends. The daily jogs were a bit more painful the next morning, the seemingly benign backyard soccer game with the kids made muscles sore we didn’t remember having, and the anxiety of that late night business report made sleep harder to come by. Looking for a solution to help reclaim our active lifestyle led to us to the powerful properties of CBD, the all natural hemp derived compound. Curativ was created to share the relief we received with others and led us to build our own line of CBD infused products to help cure the aches, pains and anxiety that life brings to us all.

We at Curativ are not fitness models, nor are we world class athletes (although we are pretty good armchair quarterbacks!), but we are passionate about doing our best, working hard and enjoying an active life. In starting Curativ, we wanted to create a company and a line of products that supports and promotes that healthy and active lifestyle. Whether that it is to be able to play with the kids pain free on the weekend, get better rest to focus on your family, help crush that business presentation, run your first 5k, be competitive in the local basketball/softball league or set a personal lifting best. Whatever your goal is, Curativ was created to help you reach it and encourage you on your journey.  

In addition to helping each other achieve and maintain an active lifestyle, we decided early on that it was vitally important to give back to the community and play a role in solving the bigger issues facing us all. We wanted to sell more than a product, but a way of life for families, friends and communities to follow. Every quarter, Curativ will donate a portion of our profits to charitable causes chosen within the Curativ community. It is important for the Curativ community to know that the products they are buying and using, not only help themselves, but help others who may be facing bigger obstacles in life.

We look forward to everyone joining the Curativ community and sharing how we can help you find your cure!